KICK30 KICKBOXING is a 30 Minute action Packed. Kickboxing Workout in Roanoke VA! Look Great & Feel Great

Kick30 Kickboxing is 30-minute circuit program that will give you an amazing full body workout every time you come in. Kick30 Kickboxing teaches real Kickboxing skills that will help you improve your coordination, lose weight and knock the crap out of stress combined with exercises that incorporate bodyweight exercises, weighted exercises and a lot of cardiovascular exercises that will help you become stronger, tone muscles and lose fat.

When it comes to losing weight and getting into great shape. It does not get much better than Kick30 Kickboxing training at OMA Training Center. Depending on how hard you push yourself. Kick30 Kickboxing can help you burn up to crazy calories with each session!

During your first session, you'll kick-start your metabolism and start sweating out and burning calories and ugly body fat while you perform swift upper body punches, and elbows along with powerful lower body knees and kicks on real hanging punching bags that will help you become slimmer and more fit than ever before!

At OMA Training Center we know how hard it is to fit working out into your busy life. For that reason.  KICK30 KICKBOXING members can choose between the prime schedule membership with over 124 sessions to choose from a week or the sub-prime schedule membership with over 20 sessions to choose from a week.   No matter which membership you choose.  You will have a coach that truly understands Kickboxing and knows how to explain it.  The coach will also be a certified personal trainer that will be available to help whip you into amazing shape. 


  • You’ll knock down Stress
  • You’ll experience chart-topping fitness improvements
  • Your energy level
  • You’ll feel great about the new you.

Sessions last 30 minutes AND we only let 8 people in per session.

Start the change for a better you today with Kick30 Kickboxing.


If you live in the following towns, cities or counties of Vinton, Roanoke, Bedford, Moneta, Salem, Daleville, Stewartsville, Troutville, Botetourt, Blue ridge then you are close enough to come train with us!