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Blunt Force Tactical Self Defense & Krav Maga Training Roanoke VA and Surrounding Areas Best Self Defense Training Program


Is a potentially life-saving, practical easy to learn aggressive self-defense training program.  That teaches both the mental and the physical sides of violence.


OMA Training Centers Blunt Force Tactical Self Defense & Krav Maga training program is a structured aggressive easy to learn self defense system that teaches both the mental and physical sides of violence.  Focusing on only the most practical and proven self defense & Krav Maga Training Tactics.


If you want to learn the best most practical self defense & Krav Maga training tactics in Roanoke, Va while getting a crazy full body workout that will help you become, fast, stronger and more conditioned both physically and mentally.  Then it's time for you to check out Blunt Force Tactical Self Defense Systems & Krav Maga training at OMA Training Center.


There is not a better self defense & Krav Maga training system in the area that will teach you credible physical and mental self defense & Krav Maga tactics that are easy to learn and understand while helping you burn calories, get in shape, knock out stress and build confidence while learning only the best proven and practical self defense tactics.


Improve your survivability during your first training session.. 


During your first class you will feel empowered while you learn the mindset of a predator and how their action will impact you mindset.  You will get hands on training in verbal diffusion, hand to hand, hand to weapon, and weapon to weapon defense.  Both standing and on the ground.  You will also build a better a understanding of the laws of defending yourself.  While you're doing all this you'll be so focused on the new tactics your learning that you won't even notice your metabolisms starting to kick into gear and the ugly body fat going away with every precise punch and elbow combination along with powerful kicks and knees following them.  Your confidence level in your ability to defend yourself will sky rocket to an all new level.


Blunt Force Tactical Self Defense & Krav Maga Training at OMA Training Center will help get you into top shape, and help better prepare you for anything life might throw your way. But that’s not all. Here are some more benefits:

  • You’ll get a better understanding of both Physical and Mental self-defense tactics!
  • You'll knock down stress levels
  • You'll develop amazing hand to hand, hand to weapons, and verbal diffusion skills.
  • Your energy level will increase.
  • You’ll experience chart-topping fitness improvements
  • Your self-confidence will be at an all new high


If you live in one of the following towns, cities or counties of Vinton, Roanoke, Bedford, Moneta, Salem, Daleville, Stewartsville, Troutville, Botetourt, Blue ridge then you are close enough to come train with us!


Blunt Force Tactical Self Defense System & Krav Maga

Beginner, Planner, Planner level 1 Requirements

  • OODA Theory
  • 3 stages of the mind
  • 3 things wanted
  • 3 Cs
  • Flinch reactions
  • Passive & Semi passive stance
  • Finishing mode
  • Force vs Deadly Force
  • Straight Palm
  • Hooking Palm
  • Hammer Fist Downward
  • Front Kick Groin
  • Downward Elbow
  • Horizontal Elbow
  • Knee to Groin
  • Stomp Kick Downward
  • Stomp Kick Backwards to Knee
  • Back Hand
  • Head Butt (Forward)
  • Combinations with 2 to 6 strikes and kicks
  • 2 Fingers Joystick
  • Breath Throw
  • Nikyo
  • Kotegaeshi
  • Ground Front Choke
  • Ground From Bottom Armbar
  • Ground From Bottom Kimura
  • Ground From Bottom Triangle Choke
  • Ground From Bottom Lapel Choke
  • Ground From Side Control Bread Slicer
  • Ground From Side Control & Mount Kimura & Americana
  • Ground From Side Control Crucifix
  • Ground From Bottom Straight Ankle Lock
  • Defense Left Grab Right Shoulder
  • Defense Right Grab Left Shoulder
  • Defense Two Hand Shirt Grab
  • Defense Two Hand Push
  • Defense Lower Body Charge
  • Crashing The Line
  • Defense Haymaker Punch
  • Getting up Safely
  • Sitting Movement
  • Forward Break Fall
  • Forward Roll Kneeling
  • Ground Movement (Back and Side all Directions)
  • Ground Front Kick
  • Ground Round Kick
  • Ground Defense against Football Kick
  • Escape Side Control chokes
  • Same Side Hand Release
  • Opposite Side Hand Release
  • 2 on 1 wrist grab escape
  • Shirt Grab High Defense
  • 2 Hand Push Defense
  • Stick Swing Head One Hand no1 Strike
  • Stick Swing Head One Hand no 8 Strike
  • Knife to Neck Defense #1 Static
  • Knife to Neck Defense #2 Static
  • Knife Stab #5 Defense
  • Gun to Face Defense Arm Extended
  • Stances
  • Standing Movement All Directions
  • Shadow Boxing & Sparring (1)(2) One Minute Rounds
  • Stand up Fighting Slow & Light (1)(2) One Minute Rounds
  • Ground Fighting (1)(2) One Minute Rounds
  • CALASTHENICS = 10 push ups, 20 sit ups, 10 ring rows, Rope 1 minute

Each level requires 30 hours of classroom instruction